The empty half of the glass

Tax evasion and counterfeit drinks are the two major problems facing the alcohol industry by the authorities. Spirits Romania estimates that 75% of the domestic market is untaxed, which means that the state loses at least half a billion euros annually. In addition to the hole in the public budget, some alcohol products are counterfeit and also affect the health of the consumer.

„Alcohol – the Empty Half of the Glass” was an editorial project, which began in 2017 through the pressHub network, with the support of Alexandrion Group. The main objective of this project was to specialize journalists in specific fields related to „sensitive” industries which generate a large amount of news: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, health, food, energy, construction of roads and highways and garbage collection.

The project created a series of articles covering several topics, such as border smuggling methods and the social effects of excess alcohol on all age groups, including minors. Moreover, we have concentrated on topics which highlighted the „full part” of the glass, addressing the potential of special Romanian wine varieties.

At the same time, a seminar was held within the Alexandrion Group, followed by a visit at the factory, in order to instruct journalists on possible violations of the law, knowledge of responsibilities and operating ways of institutions regulating and enforcing consumer law and alcohol production.

Moreover, journalists were informed about the role of the regulatory institutions and the way in which the decision makers within them are appointed, the fundamental problems of the respective institutions and the possible answers through public policies or legislative provisions.