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CVM Report praises

The European Commission published on the 27th of January 2016 its annual report regarding the progress made by Romania in the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM). It recognized the importance of the civil society in documenting and highlighting corruption problems, mentioning a number of projects held across the country by Freedom House Romania (FHR) and our partners from Expert Forum (EFOR) and the Romanian Centre for European Politics (RCEP) for the prevention of corruption in local administration and in the process of public procurement.

Moreover, the report concretely mentioned the website of the “Justitie Curata” Initiative (FHR, EFOR, and RCEP) – – which offers journalists from local publications a platform for publishing articles about public procurement and the activity of local administration, along with monitoring actions by specialty NGO’s (Grupul pentru Dialog Social, Freedom House România, Expert Forum, Institutul pentru Politici Publice, Centrul Român de Politici Europene) regarding the selection process for the Chief Prosecutor position of the Directorate for Investigation of Terrorism and Organised Crime (DIICOT).

The report noted “a number of areas of continued progress showing signs of sustainability, notably through the action taken by the key judicial and integrity institutions to address high-level corruption and the increased professionalism in the judicial system as a whole”.