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Assault on journalists by Antena 3 News Channel’s supporters – a violation of the freedom of speech

We consider the aggression of three journalists perpetrated by “Antena 3” News Channel’s supporters as an act of intimidation and a violation of the freedom of speech.

These incidents are the result of totalitarian-inspired campaigns, incitement to hatred and violence.

Carried out with contempt for the law and with the complicity of some of the National Audiovisual Council’s members, the illegal political advertising campaigns, the violent speech and direct threats uttered by a few of Antena 3's anchors from “Sinteza Zilei” and “In Gura Presei” TV programs, have turned last Sunday (August 10th, 2014) into physical violence.

While the gendarmes watched with a casual attitude, two female journalists - Ioana Moldoveanu (Vice Romania) and Mădălina Dicu (B1 TV) – were assaulted and abused.

Cristian Dorombach - blogger and journalist with Realitatea TV who tried to defend his female colleague from B1 TV – was also aggressed in this intensively-promoted unauthorized protest of Antena 3’s anchors.

We have asked the Ministry of Administration and Interior to investigate the passive attitude of the Romanian Gendarmerie towards the assault on the journalists

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The assault on Madalina Dicu (B1TV) and Cristian Dorombach (Realitatea TV)

The assault on Ioana Moldoveanu (VICE Romania)

Agresarea ziaristei Ioana MoldoveanuAgresarea ziaristei Ioana Moldoveanu