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Supporting Investigative Journalism

Supporting Investigative Journalism

IJ was created in order to support the development of independent investigative journalism in Romania and the Moldavian Republic as an instrument for combating corruption and consolidating democracy and the rule of law.

The specific objectives of Supporting Investigative Journalism are:

- Professionalizing investigative journalists from Romania and Moldavia by offering access to the best national and foreign trainers and experts
- Creating opportunities for experience exchange and knowledge and techniques transfer between local, regional and national journalists from Romania and Moldavia and their European counterparts
- Stimulating the development of independent investigations by providing the necessary financial support.

Over 45 journalists were trained though the activities of the project and 24 journalists were awarded with grants for investigation and had the opportunity to participate in international training sessions and conferences. The program offered national and international exposure for journalist from the local and central press from Romania and Moldavia.