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Freedom House Romania

Freedom House Romania is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that promotes freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Freedom House earned a well-grounded fame as supporter of democratic values. Freedom House is present ever since 1990, due to the trainings in the United Stated for journalists and opinion leaders conducted by the National Forum Foundation.

The Foundation has over 13 years of experience in managing programs with external and internal funding and its main projects are in:

- Mass-media;
- Justice and anticorruption;
- Public administration/communication;
- Human rights.

Between 1996 –2000 Freedom House conducted the Professional Media program, financed by USAID, when it set up the Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation, offered specialty assistance to independent press, published various courses in the field of press management, conducted professional trainings in the United States and Central Europe.

Moreover, between 1996-2003 Freedom House conducted the program Romanian Government Transition Support, also financed by the USAID, which supported the institutional reform of the Romanian administration by two kinds of activities: professional trainings in the United States for civil servants and consulting offered to the Romanian administration by American experts.

In 2004, Freedom House was founding member of the Coalition for a Clean Parliament, the most important program conducted by the civil society in Romania.

Since 2007, Freedom House Romania actively supports the project Initiative for Clean Justice (ICJ), a coalition of seven non-governmental organisations whose main goal is to present regular and accurate information about the quality of justice in Romania, strengthening justice reforms and the ongoing fight against corruption.

Beneficiaries of the Freedom House programs in Romania are civil servants, especially public communicators, journalists working in written press, radio and TV, central and local media organizations.

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